How to learn guitar online from beginner to advanced

Are you looking for ways on how to learn guitar lessons online? There are several tips you can apply to learn the lessons online. First, you need to start by locating the right platform. There are several platforms hence it is necessary to look for the best.

In the different platform where you will enroll, you should be determined to learn. Remember when learning online, you will not have close supervision of the tutors, they will guide you on what to do at different stages from where you can master the skills of applying guitar. Try to follow all the tips the experts will offer you so that you can master the art of playing guitar online.

Tips on how to learn playing guitar online

Locate the best online guitar training course

There are several online training courses; you need to locate one which can allow you apply the guitar online. For instance, you need to check on the type of lessons offered. Start with the beginner level then proceed to master the different tactics after which you can proceed to enroll in the advanced levels.

When playing guitar, you may have to learn different skills at different stages. Always ensure you set
aside time to practice because playing guitar is an art which require practice before you can succeed in playing the guitar as a professional.

Ensure you follow all the guidelines you will be offered

There are different guidelines you need to follow when playing guitar. The online trainers will teach you different tactics you need to follow. Even if you have some clues on how the guitar is played, you should be ready to learn. Try to follow the guidelines you will be offered online so that you can master the different skills involved when applying guitar online.

You should be committed to learn after you enroll in an online platform. Some platforms will require you to follow certain rules, in order to learn, you should be flexible and follow the rules so that you can easily master the art of playing the guitar lessons.

Try out the tests you will be offered

There are several tests you will be offered online. In order to master the art of playing guitar, you should practice and master the different tips you will be taught after you enroll in the online training lessons.

Many people will like to master the art of playing guitar but they do not have enough time to attend brick and mortar classes. The online lessons make it easy for you to easily master the art of playing guitar.

Practice playing guitar with close friends and family

There are close friends and family who have been applying guitar. After you learn a given skill online, you need to put it into test by practicing with your loved ones. Remember to become a professional guitar player; you need to do a lot of practice.

Enroll in an online course after which you set a side time to practice with people in real world. You can even try performing in front of them so that you can master the different skills.


Discover the Meaning Behind Some Weird Mixing Terms

Weird Mixing Terms 

Engineers tend to get fired up every time they discuss mixing music. Sounds can be very hard to describe. Add a layer of technical jargon and you will feel frustrated talking about your tracks. 

Good thing there are several common terms that engineers use to assist in communicating mix issues as well as the sound qualities. 


Here are a few common odd terms in mixing together with their meaning. 



When you speak of boominess, it pertains to excessive energy of low frequency which can result to exaggerated sustain effects on the speakers.

Speakers can just accurately reproduce too much low end. Excessive lows can cause struggling with the speakers.

It can cause negative effects which radiate up to the frequency spectrum. 



A mix or sound is made up of primarily midrange frequency without enough highs and lows. A boxy mix can sound flat and it may also lack detail.

You will see why once you mix reference against a carefully produced commercial recording. 


In general, muddy means congestion from the buildup of the competing elements in the low midrange. This low midrange is a hard region for both intermediate and beginner engineers. When it is very muddy, the clarity and the separation of the instruments can take a hit. 


Warmth often pertains to the un-hyped top end and harmonic distortion. Warmth is a highly sought after quality typically attributed to the analog equipment. This is part of what can make a mix rich, enjoyable, and smooth to listen to. 


Harshness is usually used for describing an aggressive upper midrange that can be difficult to listen to. This harshness is a serious concern in majority of mixes.

The very last thing you would like is for the mix to make your listeners experience ear fatigue. A harsh mix’s effects can be much worse on the common listening systems such as laptop speakers and earbuds. 


Depth refers to the mix’s three-dimensional quality. Depth is needed to create an immersive sensation which will draw in listeners to your mix.

This can help with the instrument separation as well as the general sense of space. 




Air refers to the subtle liveliness in the mix’s upper frequencies. Air will bring out the dimension and realism in sources such as room mics and vocals. An open, airy, and open top end is the common name for most mixes. 

You can consider air as a pleasing, well EQ’d, and present treble range in the mix. 

What Does Mixing Mean?

Mixing is an extremely subjective process, which means that the terms that have been described above are also subjective. Every engineer possibly feels a bit different as to what the meaning of depth or air for them is.

The definitions of such terms are only guidelines to get you into talking and thinking about the strengths or issues in the mix as well as how you can better aim for a certain sound.

Now that you finally know what these terms mean, get deeper into that mix today!